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Why Buy a New Build Home?

As with anything, there will be pros and cons to any type of home you buy and in the end, it will come down to what is important to you as the buyer and what you are looking to get from your property!

Energy Efficiency

Firstly, as a general rule new build homes are more energy efficient and will therefore result in reduced bills! This is mainly owing to the fact that new properties are built to the latest specifications and can have modern central heating systems, insulation and double glazing incorporated from the offset. Rossington homes are extremely efficient at retaining heat and our modern air source heating such as that used for our recent Louth development, uses a type of renewable energy technology which sources heat from the air outside to power heating and hot water (even if it’s cold outside). These heat pumps have a long lifespan and a low carbon footprint, so your conscience and your wallet will be happy!

Low Costs and Guarantees

No unexpected refurbishment costs! You aren’t going to be needing new windows, rooves, kitchens or bathrooms for MANY years to come! It can be extremely expensive updating an older home costing at least 5 figures! With a new home the work has been done for you. From design to planning and execution, buying a new home saves you not only money but time as well, leaving you free to enjoy it with your family and friends! Ultimately, repairs and redecoration costs are likely to be very minimal for the first years in your new home. The majority of new properties will also come with a guarantee such as Protek or NHBC’s 10-year warranty.

Community Spirit

Often, new build homes are in groups meaning you can really feel a sense of community. It is likely most people will be moving in at a similar time and will have been through the same process as you. You can make friends and share the experience of joining your new neighbourhood making it even more exciting!

Government Incentives

There are also lots of government incentives such as ‘Help To Buy’ when buying a new build property. Of course, this will depend on your eligibility but it is worth talking to your developer about what incentives might save you the most money.

Be the First!

Some people particularly like the idea of being the first to live in a home. Often, you can also have a say in the design process, choosing fixtures and fittings yourself meaning your new home is tailored to your taste without the pressure being on you to get planning permissions and pull it off! This gives you the opportunity to make the property ‘yours’ from the very beginning and will make it even more likely you will love it for a long time!

Chain Free for a Predictable Move

Another huge advantage of buying a new build home is that you won’t be buying in to a chain. You aren’t waiting for anyone to move out and there isn’t therefore a risk that the person currently living in the property will pull out and let you down. This is particularly beneficial for a first-time buyer who also doesn’t need to sell their own home in order to move, contributing to a smooth and predictable moving process.

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